About Omar

Omar Ballester graduated with a MSc in ICT Strategic Management degree UPF-Barcelona School of Management with a thesis abouth the Spanish Technology Transfer landscape. He currently thinks full time (PhD Candidate) at Chair of Innovation and Patent Policy @ EPFL (Lausanne). Aside from managerial science, he has a Bachelor in Physics, a Higher Education degree in Drums and a postgraduate course on Data Science. He wants to apply his skills to business analytics and performance improvement and is very keen on innovation processes and policies

His scientific background gives him a highly reasoning mindset and has taught him some tools to quench his curiosity. He has done some research in Biophysics with Felix Ritort, has worked as junior Data Scientist for Cuatrecasas, a Spanish Big Law firm; has done some teaching at secondary school and undergrad level and some volunteering at AFS-Intercultura. He has also played drums in several bands in Spain and UK including Papa Topo and The DuBarrys.

As an intercultural kid, Omar has lived in three countries for over a year as well as several other exchanges during high-school years. He currently lives in Lausanne and does some electronic music under √Čtoimoi with a fellow physicist.


This is some of the work Omar has done lately

Climate Change

Tech. Transfer

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Check √Čtoimoi for now...